Yay, I am very happy because it is almost 100% set that I cvan do the behind the scenes look with Oz Opera, which means I can finally start all the hard work!

My target audience is going to be for the school children who will get to see the show and a rough estimate of children is 40,000, so my site really needs to be kid friendly, I am thinking of bright colours, lots of photos of cast and costumes an interactive map of Australia showing where the tour is going and when you put your mouse over a town it will bring up the date and where that show will be held.

I am only allowed 5 minutes of actuall audio or footage of the show itself so it will be done as a teaser for the kids to get them excited about the show, I also plan on having cast and crew interviews.

I hope this sounds intresting and exciting because i am looking forward to this assignment.

let me know what you think???