Inside of the piano

Inside of the piano

I am becoming more and more annoyed with our government about the culling of the performance based arts colleges, for example the funding which was pulled from the Australian National Music Academy, and has not been returned yet even though the college has made efforts to comply with the government, and now the issues surrounding the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, after their funding was pulled The University of Melbourne purchased the school and now plans to implement its very unpopular Melbourne Model of teaching which ultimately means that performance will not be practical rather an academic venture.

When Peter Garrett, our “competent” Federal Arts minister was interviewed recently on Artworks, on ABC FM he denied any responsibility, stating that it was not part of his portfolio, but surely he has a opinon on the matter, and being the former frontman to Midnight Oil, you would hope that he recognises this problem and he should be outraged.

How are we supposed to move forward on an International standard when we deny our gifted artists the space and support they deserve and need to become the best performers they can be, this makes Australia backwards in the arts and this should be an issue that would enter the portfolio of Mr Garrett, if he can not put it there himself.