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Composed by G.F Handel. This is from the Baroque era, enjoy.

George Frideric Handel (1685 – 1759)  Born in Halle, Germany 1685 began his love for music by playing the organ, even though his father was not a fan of music, Handel was heard playing the organ at church by the Duke who insisted that he had to study music. After only three years of study under Friederich Zachow, it was said that he had nothing further that he could teach him. After his father’s death in 1703 he moved to Hamburg to compose German opera, where he composed the opera Almira, after three years he moved to Italy where he received much fame and attention, as a composer and keyboard virtuoso. 1711 saw Handel move to London to work and in 1727 he became a British citizen and he introduced us to the genre called Oratorio dramatised stories, usually of sacred texts still with very dramatic and large works of music exactly like an opera, his most famous is the Messiah which is still performed globally in the lead up to Christmas. 1753 dealt him a huge blow he became blind, but continued to work playing the organ and conducting, and in April 1759 whilst conducting the Messiah he collapsed , and then died on the 14th of April 1759. Handel is buried in Westminster Abby and the monument that was erected at his request is of him at a table with the Messiah in front of him open at “I know that my Redeemer liveth”.

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