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Annie is currently studying for her VCE, this video was taken during the Music Solo performance class on the 18th of August 2009.

Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc was born in Paris, France in 1899 and he was taught to play the piano by his mother who was an amateur pianist. Poulenc became a member of Les Six, a name that was given to him and five other composers of French and Swiss origin, who were all working in Montparnasse and their music was seen to be a reaction to the music of Richard Wagner and the impressionist movement.

Poulenc was known to be very fond of woodwind instruments and thus composed some of his major works and had planned to compose a set of sonatas for all woodwinds, but unfortunately only lived to compose four of them, sonata for clarinet, flute, oboe and the Elegie for horn. He was a composer of all major classical music genres including chamber music, art song, ballet, opera, oratorio and orchestral. In Paris in 1963 Poulenc passed away from heart failure and he is buried at the cemetery of Pere – Lachaise in Paris.