This blog is a more structured and advanced blog than my first www.melissaforlano.wordpress, the first one was my trial blog as I had never created one before, so the plan for this assignment was to actually achieve what I had set out to do in the previous, which was to promote classical musicians in Victoria. I feel that I have achieved this aim more so in this blog than the last, for a number of reasons, firstly even though I did like the layout of the previous page, I felt it did appear unprofessional and not well organised in an easy to read format, which I believe I achieved in the VicMusicHub blog by using a simple vertical design which is familiar to those who may visit the blog, also the colours in this layout made it easier to read, which means my message is easily read. Continuing from the last blog I linked the page to the blog and was able by using the Twitter widget available on WordPress all of my tweets automatically update onto the blog so that I do not have to write the same message again, I also linked up with the Twitter page, which currently has 50 followers both Australian and international groups and individuals, so that it will increase my chances of diverting people who may be interested in my page also to link both pages I utilised the photo of the music manuscript of Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet opera, which I used as the blog’s header I made it the background of the twitter page, and I choose to put a photo of myself singing so that if anyone on twitter that I knew would recognise me and hopefully follow my page, the use of the manuscript I aimed to use a form of branding, so that anyone visiting any of my associated pages the picture is a visual association with the name. I have also done this with the facebook page I created  because I felt that I could still reach more people and twitter does not seem as popular in Australia as it is in the U.S so I felt that the next step was to create a facebook page which I again used the music manuscript photo as the profile picture. to once again keep that sense of branding. The facebook page currently has 105 friends, I still need to make the page a bit more exciting possibly by adding some photos and videos, but at the same time I want to use the facebook page as a way to divert people back to the blog, so I do not think that I should clutter the page but my plan is to add small snippets of audio to the page to hopefully entice people to the blog. From facebook I linked that page to my twitter page so that whenever I posted something on facebook it then also showed up on twitter, and because the twitter feed is linked to my blog through the widget bar that same message appears on all three pages, which makes it more efficient for me so that I do not have to repeat myself, and also it keeps all three connected and the same message gets across in more than one place, and it continues a level of professionalism.

I am still undecided as to whether or not to also start a myspace page, only for the reason that I do not want it to distract from my blog page because I want the blog to be the main hub, where I have all my audio and multimedia files, and if I create a myspace page it would then take away from my blog as the  “>myspace page would be a waste if it did not house much multimedia and audio, but at the same time myspace is a great place to promote music because that is the primary focus of myspace and the audience it attracts is all music focused, but the reason I did not choose myspace to be my hub page is because I also wanted to express my opinion about issues that are affecting the industry, for example my post about the closure of the VCA and the lack of government funding toward the art’s performance courses, also I wanted the freedom to be able to write about concerts I attended which are relevent to this page, such as my blog post about the London Philharmonic Orchestras concert at Hamer Hall, and yes they are not Victorian musicians, but I thought that the concert was a fantastic and inspiring concert for Melburnians. I do not intend to influence people towards my opinion but rather raise awareness and encourage people to develop their own thoughts, and myspace is not the appropriate avenue in which to express these thoughts.

The recordings of soprano Naomi Summers and baritone Nathan Lay, I recorded them in the vocal booth in the creative media building of the university. I recorded these on separate occasions, Nathan’s recording was done under time restrictions and we had to cut part of the recording because we did not have enough time to complete and run a proper sound check, where as with Naomi’s recording we had plenty of time and we were able to play around and experiment with various microphone placement untill we found the right one, which was a spaced pair of condenser microphones with the centre diaphragm slightly off center and facing away from her so that we could eliminate the chances of peaking during recording. The editing process was fairly simple as I did not add any effects to the recording because I wanted to stay true to the recording in its original form and genre, because classical music is not focused upon edited music but listening to it as if it were live, the aim was to capture a live sound, so that if people go to the artist’s concert it is the same as the recording. Both artists I asked to record because firstly I know them and I felt more comfortable recording people whom I am close with and that they have trust and faith in me, also they are both music performance students in Victoria who are at the start of their careers, and finally they both have different contacts in the industry and this would also assist in the publicity of my blog and the hope that it could generate a like minded audience. I downloaded the audio on to and then embedded it for WordPress, I have found this to be the easiest mode for adding audio and video files on to the blog.

I only have one video file on the blog currently as it is difficult to get permission to upload video of them on to the internet and also it is difficult to find creative ways in which to film classical music performances in a recital format. The focus on this video is more about the music than the visual content, it is supposed to encourage any audience member to listen to the music. Annie is a student and the video was filmed at her high school whilst she was wearing her school uniform and for this reason I added the sketch effect to the visual while I was editing using Microsoft Movie Maker on my personal laptop so that the high school is not identified. The other three students that I filmed were not happy with me publishing their performances on this blog.

I also created an About page so that my audience can easily find and read about why and what the purpose for this blog is and if it is relevent to them or if they would be interested or know any one who may be interested in this blog and whether they would like to contribute or be advertised on the blog, currently I have not had any comments , I have had close to 30 views since it has been generated, I am not sure why no one has been in contact with me and I am still trying to think of ways to entice performers, one of my ideas is to contact organisations like Victorian and Melbourne Opera and notify them in person about the page, as I have notified them via the internet, but I think that I could actually make a bigger impact fac to face, as it is more personal and I may be able to win trust more easily, I do need to find a way to make my page more personal and find away for it to reflect my personality without giving too much personal information away. One way that show’s part of my personality in a more artistic way is by the use of the pictures I added on to the page, the header and the photos of the opera records are my own photos which I took myself on my own personal digital camera, but I also went in search for other photos on a site which houses peoples photographs and videos from around the world that they wish to share, on this site I searched for pictures of classical music and under a creative commons licence so that I could add the pictures I liked to my blog without having to get permission, because a creative commons licence allows me to use and publish the picture as I please without the need of legal permission from the original owner of the picture. The pictures I choose were mainly of instruments but only parts of the instrument as I thought these photos showed a more creative and modern look whilst still  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”still “>traditional and elegant which is what I wanted to personally convey about my professional appearance, I also wanted pictures which had colour and a vibrancy to help lift the visual aspect of the blog to make it visually more appealing to anyone who visits my blog.  I also added a picture of Melbourne which included the Art’s Centre on Southbank, because Southbank is the home of music and the arts in Melbourne and the Art’s Centre is an iconic building for Melbourne, and it is also somewhere which I aspire to work at one day.

Overall I am very happy with what I have achieved with this blog, I am happy with the overall appearance of the blog, and I am happy with the content and the overall structure, this has been an ongoing project which I have worked on almost every day these last six weeks. I hope to continue this blog and hopefully advance to a wider audience and I believe that this project has the possibility of becoming a strong presence in classical music and I am aiming to entice more musicians into advertising themselves on this page, and maybe I will advertise my own musical ambitions as well some day. I hope you have enjoyed my blog.



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