Soundcloud is a music website which allows you to “move music”. Essentially anyone can join it’s free, and you can upload your own tracks, and listen to other peoples tracks, create playlists and share your music in a web 2.0 format (social networking)

The possibilities of collaboration are endless, you can listen and read about different artists and talk to them, which can lead to working together, some dj’s have been using tracks on the site to remix and mash together and Soundcloud are also organizing “meet up’s” so that artists can meet each other in real life and hopefully give birth to more exciting music, with people they have never met before,

Yay, I am very happy because it is almost 100% set that I cvan do the behind the scenes look with Oz Opera, which means I can finally start all the hard work!

My target audience is going to be for the school children who will get to see the show and a rough estimate of children is 40,000, so my site really needs to be kid friendly, I am thinking of bright colours, lots of photos of cast and costumes an interactive map of Australia showing where the tour is going and when you put your mouse over a town it will bring up the date and where that show will be held.

I am only allowed 5 minutes of actuall audio or footage of the show itself so it will be done as a teaser for the kids to get them excited about the show, I also plan on having cast and crew interviews.

I hope this sounds intresting and exciting because i am looking forward to this assignment.

let me know what you think???

Alrighty, this is my latest idea as of 20min ago, lately i have been doing volunteer work at Opera Australia and last week i was asked by them if I could help with the launch of there new schools tour opera which is organised through OA schools and regional touring company OzOpera, so the idea is to document the process of preparing for the launch and what goes on behind the scenes and following it through to the launch on the 7th of May. This obviously wil only happen once I recieve permission from OA and OzOpera. I hope to be able to put personal video blogs, interviews with organisers and fingers crossed artists, photos of costumes and video of the final product. What do you think? Is this an interesting idea?

I am excited abotu this one so fingers crossed I can get the permission to do it!!!


So Ive been trying to come up with a project idea and currently Iam drawn to creating a website with classical music video clips , going for bright colours and information on upcoming events and auddition info? it would be great to get some feedback???

Thank you Joanna for your comments, your points made about not needing to be young to give opera a fresh look, but rather the attitude and natural sex appeal of opera raised something that I did not properly take into consideration, so I have decided to wave the age limit that I proposed.

Iam also open to any ideas for video clips , I was thinking of  going into a very image based more artistic type of clip, as opossed to the slightly tacky clips of the wonderfull Anna Netrebko, which are more of a 90’s pop music video. I am more than happy to work with anyone who also has the same goal of wanting to see opera move forward and keep future generations excited by this thrilling art form.

For my next big project I am looking for any classical/operatic singers under the age of 35 to give opera/classical music a young and fresh look.

I will be developing a web page showing the young generation involved in this genre of music, with the aim of fighting back the stigma that classical and operatic music is a dying art only for the older Toorak snobs.

What I am after is any singers who either have a recording or would like to be recorded, I would like to create a video clip to go with the music, that I can publish on my web page, I will also put with it a full singer bio and photos (if you wish).

If you are intrested please do not hesitate to contact me via either this blog or the facebook page!/pages/Melbourne-Australia/VicMusicHub/137701544692 .